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The Chaos Computer Club in Frankfurt developed a tvOS application to bring talks from its portal to Apple TV. Apple refused to release the app and took offense at the content.

A Apple TV App for displaying CCC-talks may not be released on the platform. According to Apple the app is in breach of developer terms and conditions because it enables access to content of which the company disapproves: Apple criticizes that the  App allows watching publicly given talks, which among others deal with security holes in the widely used Bluetooth technology, or help “jailbreaking” Apple devices — enabling the use of applications that have not been approved by Apple. The talks criticized by Apple are all available under the website and can also be watched through the Apple TV YouTube app, which is not criticized by Apple.

The Chaos Computer Club is Europe’s largest group of hackers and a venue for people interested in all sorts of things from all over the world to meet. They usually meet in small gatherings but also in large conferences. They build, test and tinker. Technical barriers are removed, new things created and old things disassembled. Communication and sharing are in the center of all activities, though. The Chaos Computer Club has been creating videos documenting many of the given talks for many years.

Members of the Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt ( started a project, which aimed at making available to a broad audience in an easy and entertaining way content from the portal.

Even though all videos are available online on the Internet, the CCC-FFFM wanted to make them available in an especially easy fashion. Kris Simon called the project “the Netflix of the CCC” referring to the accessibility of content.

The application was ready in time and submitted to Apple’s reviewing process. The message that the app was rejected came seven days later. Apple refers to its “Program License Agreement PLA 3.2(e)” and refuses to include the app on its platform because the content has information about hacking of Apple’s operating system.

The following content was criticized by Apple in its review:

Hardware attacks: hacking chips on the (very) cheap
Bluetooth Hacking – The State of The Art
Hacking Medical Devices
Gamehacking & Reverse Engineering
Crypto-Hacking Export restrictions
Jailbreak: eine Einführung
Social Engineering und Industriespionage
$kernel->infect(): Creating a cryptovirus for Symfony2 apps

An open source version is available on GitHub and can be installed through the programming IDE Xcode.

Apple Developer Licence Agreement:

You will not, through use of the Apple Software, Apple Certificates, services or otherwise, create any Covered Product or other code or program that would disable, hack or otherwise interfere with the Security Solution, or any security, digital signing, digital rights management, verification or authentication mechanisms implemented in or by iOS, watchOS, tvOS, the Apple Software, or any services, or other Apple software or technology, or enable others to do so

Screenshots from the app that apple dislike:

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